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Toyota has finally dropped a new upgraded 2.8-liter diesel engined Hilux with smart safety, enhanced connectivity, and even a sharper look to bring out its powerful presence. The new Toyota Hilux is here to provide customers more capable off-and on-road driving on any terrain. 

Whether you want a vehicle that can haul heavy loads to your workplace or you want a weekend casual driving around town, the Hilux can do both. At, the Toyota Hilux has taken the hearts of many Sudanese drivers because of its ability to offer an all-round functionality in various ways. 

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The new Toyota Hiluxes are available as a Single, Extra, and Double-Cab variants. You can also choose between a 4x2 model or a 4x4 model, depending on your choice of preference. To provide a rigorous driving experience, the new Hilux comes with a 2.8-liter diesel engine that gives power up to 150kw, while the torque stays at 500Nm with an automatic transmission.

If you are scouting for a vehicle that has ample towing power, then the Hiluxes are incredible choices for such a specific purpose. With extra torque and sophisticated towing technology, this means the 4x4 Hilux variants have a 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity.

Toyota Hilux also keeps you entertained and engaged in refined activities such as road maps, navigation, and even gives you easy access to your phone's messages, songs, applications, and the rest by just touching an 8-inch display screen on the upper center of the vehicle's dashboard or console area. With connected technology such as Apple Car Play and Android Auto, you can do most of these entertaining features without any drawback. Other smart traits of the new Hilux is a keyless entry, cameras, and six parking sensors. 

You can rest assured of having a safe driving both on and off-road with the new Toyota Hilux because its Toyota Safety Sense intelligent technology comes crowded with various tools such as a trailer way control, descent assist control, road hint assists, pre-collision safety system, lane departure alert, and high-speed active cruise control.

Offering the new Hilux variants with tougher and shaper exterior looks, Toyota decided to give these machines a stepped-up design built around with a sturdier grill. The SR5, Rogue, and Rugged X models also receive a set of edged LED lights. Their designs are not just to show how tough these vehicles can be but also to expose the reasons why they exist.

The Hilux has survived in various rough and tumble road conditions testing. Thus it has proven to be a brand with unique capabilities and skills. The Double cab variants have space for five persons, which is good enough for everyone to come along for every kind of adventure, starting from a cross-country drive to weekend getaways.

For more details, here is a short YouTube video of the Toyota Rugged X variant -

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