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It's a minor update that brings with it a fresher, younger look. Most visible is on the exterior, as the paint portfolio expands from five to eight with the arrival of three more, including Lucid Lime Metallic Green, Lumen Grey Pearl and Meta Blue Pearl. Most of these can be combined with black for the roof for a more casual look. In addition to these options, the exterior is completed with bumpers, grille and wheels.

Inside and depending on trim, the i20 features a 10.25-inch digital dashboard and up to 10.25-inch touchscreen, both of which remain unchanged. The multimedia system remains compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and features a wireless charging dock. A new feature is the lighting, which is now all-LED and has the option of ambient lighting that can be configured from a range of options.

Rear cross-traffic alert brakes the car if it detects someone or something passing behind, and Smart Cruise Control, the cruise control, continues to be fed by GPS data and adjusts its operation depending on whether you're driving on the motorway or a winding road. The navigator's maps are updated via OTA.


Image Source Hyundai Africa  

Pricing and equipment of the Hyundai i2020 2023

The engine range has been restructured and will only be available with the three-cylinder 1.0 turbo engine in 100 and 120 hp variants, and with manual and dual-clutch automatic gearboxes. In all cases, the environmental label is ECO due to micro-hybridisation. In principle, the small 84 hp version will be discontinued. Its price range between USD $14,500 - USD $17,000. 

Luxury and practicality.

The interior of the new i20 features distinctive design touches and plenty of extra space - the rear seats are the widest in their class. The centrepiece is the 12.3-inch monitoring panel, while the 8-inch audio display offers state-of-the-art connectivity features and operates with the ease of a tablet pc.

Strong and safe.

The new i20 comes equipped with multiple layers of protection starting with the expanded application of advanced high-strength steel that serves as the first shield. Up to six airbags with advanced deactivation can be provided to provide a second line of protection. Other optional safety features, such as static cornering lights, electronic stability control and hill-assist control, make you a better driver with greater safety and confidence.

Increased efficiency and fun.

The new i20 comes with next-generation powertrain technologies that deliver improved fuel efficiency and additional power. And that adds up to more driving fun. The menu of engine and transmission options has been expanded so you can choose the combination that best suits your personal needs. Gearbox options include a choice of 5-speed manual transmissions, a 6-speed automatic and a second-generation 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.