UD Trucks Corporation has finally launched new variants of cars in the market- Quester, and Croner. The corporation has had more than 50 years of experience in the Sudan auto market, and they believe that this will definitely sprout up more transportation activities in the country.

Quester is a heavy duty truck while Croner is a medium duty truck. The company hopes that these two variants will boost transportation of goods in the country, therefore creating more sales by ensuring that consumers are able to get their precise needs from any part of the country. UD Trucks Corporation has taken this decision despite the country’s still weak economy. It is not long ago that the Sudan economy came to a standstill resulting from economic sanctions and instability.

The economic sanction was lifted in October, last year and since then Sudan has resumed economic activities, modernization and construct, though at a slow rate.  Sudan thrives on oil and its vast fertile agricultural lands as the primary trade commodities. The country also has an extensive desert which is key interest for neighboring countries as a potential food supplier. This is expected to create more demand for long distance transportation of agricultural commodities and fuel. 

The company hopes to tap into the expected demand for long-distance transportation, adding to the demand of their dump truck in the construction sector. While the Quester truck is used in construction and long-distance transport, the medium-duty Croner is used for inter-urban delivery of products such as food, water and produce. 

The corporation’s Middle-East Northeast African Region sales director, Hiroshi Yokofujita, acknowledged that indeed it was the right time for the company to expand its product range as the country resumed economic activity.