Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, you should always drive with caution. When driving you should, for example, pay attention to traffic signs, shift gears correctly, do not drive distracted, among others. If you want to avoid an infraction or accident we recommend you to read the following tips.

You should know your car well

Not all cars are the same, that is why you must know your car well and feel comfortable using its steering wheel. You must know technical aspects related to the electrical part, the battery, tires, oil, etc. It is important that you use the gear shift well, to extend the life of the car. 

Find the most comfortable driving position

Always check the window buttons, rear view mirrors and that seats are in the correct position so that you will have a more comfortable driving position. Novice drivers often feel overwhelmed in their first few days.

It is important to be comfortable while driving. Make sure your back is in a comfortable position so that you avoid getting tired, especially if you are going on a long trip. This can help you be more alert to outside, road conditions. Some people believe that the best seating position is half the height of the windshield. This affects control of the brake, accelerator, and clutch. Some driving instructors recommend maintaining an upright position, and not bend forward.

Avoid any distractions while driving

person holding red smartphone sitting in front of vehicle steering wheel

Driving a car is a job that requires a lot of concentration. Some things like adjusting the rearview mirror, always wearing the seat belt, and watching the traffic signs carefully while on the road. Don't pay attention to those things that may distract you. For example, don't text on your smartphone, don't look back when you are talking.

Learn to keep your distance 

When you are on the road, especially if you are speeding, you should keep a considerable distance of at least 25 mts. Respect speed limits and traffic signs, especially in rainy or foggy weather conditions. Keeping your distance will allow you to react if something bad happen. 

Don't over-speed

40 speed limit signage beside highway

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, we do not recommend driving at high speeds. Even skilled people can lose control on the road when speeding. When passing through populated streets, you should pay attention to traffic signs on the road. We do not recommend you to drive at high speed, especially if you have been drinking alcohol.