New Year is a new chapter for Sudaneses. People make resolutions to better themselves in the new year, but how about your vehicle? Did you set any resolution for your vehicle? Here are some resolutions you should work on. 

1.    Assess that you can see... and that you can be seen.

Most of you neglect the ice-covered car and clean their vehicles normally before getting on the road during the winter. Others neglect to examine their wiper blades and fix them when necessary. As a result, vision and safety may be damaged significantly in any situation.
Headlights are important to be cleaned as they can have scratches or cracks due to leftover ice on them. Also, the lightning usually starts fading when your headlight is crooked and needs a deep cleaning with one of the good automobile cleaners. 

2.    Car cleaning

Clean your vehicle on a daily routine. Ensure to sanitize it and get rid of the unwanted germs to save you and your family from such diseases. Throw away the trash, dust off the mats, clean up the stains, and remove dust and rocks. 
During COVID-19 outbreaks, remember to clean surfaces more frequently than usual, and don't leave your mask hanging from your rearview mirror!

3.    Have a look at your vehicle’s brakes

A yearly check is required to ensure that they remain healthy and operate effectively in the long run. There's no need to go to the garage again. It's a terrific way to save money if you combine this service with one of your routine vehicle maintenance treatments.

4.    Avoid distractions

Accidents are way too common once you are distracted. Avoid eating, using your phone, putting on makeup, and staring at the center screen. Make this resolution in 2022 and start working on it. Distracted drivers always end up facing an accident. So don’t e a distracted driver in 2022!

5.    Keep warnings on top of your list

Modern automobiles are essentially mobile computers. They include electronic components and occasionally convey messages, alarms, or cautions to which you must pay attention. In addition, they might be connected to driving assistance and safety systems, multimedia systems, engine functioning, or something else entirely. If anything unexpectedly turns off, you must be aware of it and take appropriate action. Don't ignore the dreaded "Check Engine" light if it comes on!